5 Killer Places to Advertise Online

5. Google
One of the most popular places on the internet to advertise on on Google, because their search results and search algorithms are so powerful that when people “Google” something they are looking for, they’ll probably stumble upon your website as a top ad. Often the searcher will think, “this is exactly what I was looking for” and click on the ad. Great! However, Google Adsense can be expensive if you’re advertising with very common keywords.

Image4. Facebook
The next most common place people think to advertise is on Facebook. You can target your exact demographic – “People between the ages of 18 and 24, who are female, who live in New York, who like XYZ Page.” That’s powerful and you’ll get the best bang for your buck. Unfortunately, Facebook has a habit of displaying too many ads and most people just skip over them. Notice how Facebook ads are everywhere? The side bar, boosted posts and even after you “like” something – a series of similar options will show up below. Great for them, great for you if you’re one of the ads being promoted, not great for user experience. Too many people virtually run away from ads when they are spammed, even though most people are highly accepting of advertisements.
Image3. Bing
It’s just like Google. In fact, there is a huge portion of the internet that doesn’t want to use Google because: a) Google already knows too much. b) Google willingly shares information with the government. c) They are avid Microsoft users and raving fans. The list of reasons to use Bing is growing as the internet grows. And personally, I enjoy Bing images more than Google images and when I want a non-biased search, I’ll sometimes use Bing. Needless to say, they have a lot of traffic coming their way and their ads are competitively priced compared to Google. So before you advertise on Google, take a look at Bing.
2. Yahoo!
This is a crazy option because of Yahoo!’s history. Once they used Google’s search engine to fuel their search results. Then that stopped and they did their own search algorithms. Then they went to Bing and joined search forces with Bing. Then that stopped, and they opened Yahoo! search once more. But the bottom line is Yahoo!’s traffic directly competes with Google’s traffic. We’re talking numbers that are only a few million searches away from each other, every month. Occasionally, Yahoo! even reaches more people than Google. So why use Yahoo!? Because they are considerably less expensive than the diluted and over used Google Ads platform, and you could reach the same amount of people. With that said, Google has undeniable algorithms and a plethora of services to tailor searches and ads to be exactly what you want. If advertising in search engines is what you need right now, consider Yahoo!

Image1. Click Here to read the original article and find out what #1 is. Hint: One of these things is not like the other. 



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